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The creative force behind Martin’s Steak & Lobster, Chef and restaurateur Martin Busam is well-known throughout the Key West community for his warmth, hospitality, and passion for good food, good drinks, and good times. Chef Martin began his professional culinary training in Berlin, and his style is founded on the core skills required to create traditional, hearty German classical fare based on sausages, schnitzels, roast meats, potatoes, spaetzle, and cabbage. Known for its simplicity of ingredients but complexity of proper execution if a chef is to meet the demanding tastes of European diners, staple German fare has retained a constant presence in Chef Martin’s repertoire throughout his years in Key West.

Early experiences in the vineyards of his home country imparted a love of fine wines and a feel for perfect food and beverage pairings that is apparent in Chef Martin’s extensive, carefully curated list of imported and domestic wines. The great German brewing heritage and legendary beerhall revelries are reflected in the selection of fine craft brews available at Martin’s, and in the charismatic warmth, welcoming sociability, and joy in lifting a mug or glass with friends that Chef Martin is known for throughout Key West. It’s the same vibe that earns happy hour at Martin’s Martini Bar top ratings from so many Key West locals.

The spirit of Key West finds expression on the menu at Martin’s as the tropical influences and ingredients that make Key West such a special place for food lovers have long been a source of inspiration to Chef Martin. Mixed in Martin’s culinary palette, a taste of Caribbean islands cuisine adds enticing splashes of culinary color to everything from tapas plates to cocktails, inviting guests to encounter great European-style fine dining imbued with playful touches of the tropics. Welcome to Martin’s!


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